Why Joy English Thai?

Learn Thai or English with a native Thai tutor at your convenient place in Singapore. With her 10 years+ of teaching Thai and English, Kru Joy applied her knowledge and experience to make the lessons more practical and enjoyable.


With 10 years+ experience, kru Joy has very unique teaching technique to make learning fun


With her passion in teaching, she would like to spread Thai to many students as possible. So, she set the most affordable price 20 SGD/ hour


Just let use know what you want. We can build the lession for you!

Thailand is one of amazing countries with delicious food, friendly people, beautiful forsts and sea. Is it better to know more about Thailand if you can speak Thai? Meet Kru Joy, the top Thai & English teacher from Thailand. You will discover the new learning methodologies which help you in better understanding in the way that you never experience anywhere before

Meet Kru Joy !
Kru Joy

Kru Joy


Graduated from the best university in Thailand (First class-honor). She has more than 10 years experience in teaching English + Thai from one of the top school in Thailand. Within only last 6 months, she got 20+ Singapore students under her classes (100% satisfaction)


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Whatsapp me at 0855464965 or Just drop me an email to joyenglishthai@gmail.com or a message in Contact Us from and let me know 1. What is your background in Thai (in months or years)? 2. Which kind of lessons do you want to study (Business, General, etc..) 3. Give me your phone number (If possible)
We will contact you back within 1 working day.

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